Hiking Mount Nemo

Mount Nemo is one of my favourite places. It’s where I went for my first outdoor climbing adventure with a few of the GRRLs. And I continue to be there as often as possible for climbing and, when it’s too cold for that, hiking.


The last time we trekked out there, we had hoped for a last climbing day of the season. I got up early. Optimistically packed our climbing gear. And layered up (but not enough in my opinion).


It was cold. And a bit damp from rain the previous day. Which made for not so great climbing conditions. So we just enjoyed the fall colours instead (like many others, the parking lot was nearly full when we got there!).


I wish I had packed a winter jacket (a sweater, long sleeve t-shirt, and tanktop was not enough). But wearing my helmet and belay gloves helped. And moving.

I’m not looking forward to winter.

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