Meet Loki!

A few weeks ago I introduced our new kitten, Furry. Now, it’s Loki’s turn!


Loki found me. I had recently moved to yet another student-house and missed having a pet terribly (So it was not difficult for her to persuade me to let her stay).

When Loki first wandered into our home, she was a skinny and scruffy looking cat. And she was sick. Ear mites. Worms. Malnourished (and missing most of her hair).

Most cats I had met previously, especially strays, were shy. So I was surprised when the scrappy neighbourhood stray came right up to my roommate and me, allowed us to pet her, and happily ate the half a can of tuna we offered. We played with her for a bit, put the cat outside, and closed the door. And she meowed pitifully! At that moment, I knew she was here to stay.


A few weeks later, Loki (named for her curiosity and habit of getting into mischief) was a looking much healthier after a trip to the vet and lots of food. We soon found out there were kittens on the way (five tiny kittens to be exact). What an experience! Not only did I have to learn how to care for a cat, but I also got a crash course in raising kittens. The kittens have long since grown and found good homes.

Loki is now a happy, healthy, and well-loved cat. She has moved with me numerous times, spent a few weeks living with Nana, and recently acquired a new sister, Furry. She has many good stories — like the time we found her on the roof, falling into the laundry hamper, trying to catch a bat, stealing food, and more!


  • Favourite foods: tuna or sardines, garlic sauce,  green apples
  • Least favourite foods: lemon, lime, sauerkraut
  • Favourite toys: Feather boa, jumping spider
  • Likes: Snuggling, greeting visitors at the front door, drinking water from the tap
  • Dislikes: The vacuum, bath time (but she’ll reluctantly put up with it), when I go away without her
  • Favourite spot: The solarium, where she can “hunt” for squirrels and bunnies on the other side of the glass


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