What Happens in Vegas…

Around this time last year, I was in the midst of booking my first ever trip to Las Vegas. I keep debating whether I want to share any of our stories because it was so long ago. But I don’t want to forget the fun times we had, so I’m going to try to document the highlights.

Being such a popular tourist destination, I had many recommendations about the best deals on places to stay, eat, party, gamble… And while this advice was great, I tried politely thank them for the advice and explain that there was a good chance I wouldn’t get to any of the more traditional Vegas experiences. But if I’m not there for Vegas… then why in the world was I going???

I was there for Red Rock Canyon – just outside of town. I was there for the hiking, the scrambles, the views, and, most importantly, the rock climbing!

Day 1 we travelled. 5 of us made our way to the airport, sang the Monorail song from The Simpsons (on while taking the airport train/monorail/transport), and then went through the motions of travel. Not too exciting, except for the random break into song!

We spent a week in Vegas, and there are tons of pictures and stories to share… and some I won’t. Because that’s the fun of travelling to Vegas, am I right?

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