Adventures in home rentership

Remember that scene in Christmas Vacation where Clark gets locked in the attic while the family is out? Remember how much fun he has watching old movies? Remember how ridiculous he looked in the old clothes?

The movies make getting locked in one freezing cold room of your home look way more fun.

So last night, pretty much right after S left for hockey, I decided to clean up a bit before bedtime. I grabbed two boxes from the garage, brought them in to the kitchen and unpacked them. Took the broken down boxes back to the garage. Took the mini green bin out to the garage and emptied it. Took the recycling to the garage… and the door is locked. No keys. No phone. (It was charging). So I spent an hour hanging out in the garage waiting for him to come home. I was there until 1am.

I kept thinking about that movie scene and wishing I hadn’t moved all the boxes of clothes into the house a few days ago. And wishing that there was some entertainment in the remaining boxes (I had cleaning supplies, a few breakable decoration things, and misc. kitchen items). It was freezing cold and very boring. I don’t recommend recreating this part of the movies.


Lesson learned? Always have one of your keys or your phone with you. And keep a spare in a secure location, such as with a trusted friend or family member. My mom usually has a spare, and I know she would have come to rescue me, but she doesn’t have a key yet (we only moved a week ago). However, the spare key is now a priority!

As miserable as I was last night, I already think it’s funny today. Happy Thursday!