Meet Loki!

A few weeks ago I introduced our new kitten, Furry. Now, it’s Loki’s turn!


Loki found me. I had recently moved to yet another student-house and missed having a pet terribly (So it was not difficult for her to persuade me to let her stay).

When Loki first wandered into our home, she was a skinny and scruffy looking cat. And she was sick. Ear mites. Worms. Malnourished (and missing most of her hair).

Most cats I had met previously, especially strays, were shy. So I was surprised when the scrappy neighbourhood stray came right up to my roommate and me, allowed us to pet her, and happily ate the half a can of tuna we offered. We played with her for a bit, put the cat outside, and closed the door. And she meowed pitifully! At that moment, I knew she was here to stay.


A few weeks later, Loki (named for her curiosity and habit of getting into mischief) was a looking much healthier after a trip to the vet and lots of food. We soon found out there were kittens on the way (five tiny kittens to be exact). What an experience! Not only did I have to learn how to care for a cat, but I also got a crash course in raising kittens. The kittens have long since grown and found good homes.

Loki is now a happy, healthy, and well-loved cat. She has moved with me numerous times, spent a few weeks living with Nana, and recently acquired a new sister, Furry. She has many good stories — like the time we found her on the roof, falling into the laundry hamper, trying to catch a bat, stealing food, and more!


  • Favourite foods: tuna or sardines, garlic sauce,  green apples
  • Least favourite foods: lemon, lime, sauerkraut
  • Favourite toys: Feather boa, jumping spider
  • Likes: Snuggling, greeting visitors at the front door, drinking water from the tap
  • Dislikes: The vacuum, bath time (but she’ll reluctantly put up with it), when I go away without her
  • Favourite spot: The solarium, where she can “hunt” for squirrels and bunnies on the other side of the glass


Welcome to the Family Furry [fyoo r-ee]

Well, I made it five whole blog posts before I absolutely had to talk about cats. Told you I’m a crazy cat lady. 🙂

I’ve had a one-cat household for quite a while now. I found Loki when I was in undergrad (but that’s a story for another blog post). She lived with my roommate’s cat for a year, and has been an only-cat ever since. Except the odd occasion when I would cat sit for a friend.

I had wanted to adopt a second cat for a few years, but always had reservations… On December 2, we welcomed my second fur baby to the household.

A few weeks ago I stopped at the Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society. Of course, this required that I stop to visit all of the animals. Through the glass, I fell in love with a cat. A huge, black, fluffy cat. He came up the the window and played with us. But, when I went to ask about him, adoption hours were over. After having some serious talks about what kind of feline personality would fit into our home, we went back a few days later.

Wanting to beat the Black Friday rush, we met almost all of the cats that were on the adoption floor. They were all wonderful. Really! We made some good connections with the animals, but I didn’t find anyone I really thought would get along with Loki.

The adoption councillor was so patient and helpful. And, she had a great idea. She mentioned that she had been fostering a kitten, and that it was living with other cats and dogs. The kitten was used to playing with a large adult cat. But she had recently been spayed and was not ready for adoption yet. We agreed to come back later to meet her.

A week later, I went in to see if she was available. I immediately recognized the kitten from the picture I’d seen a week earlier. and there was a sign that she had been adopted. 20151202_184011

My heart sunk. I made the phone call to say she already had a home. And once again was ready to give up on the idea of adding another cat to the family.

Before I left though, I wanted to thank the adoption councillor for her help and time earlier.

Turns out, the kitten was on hold for us to meet! And, well, by the title of this blog post you can tell how that went. Welcome to the family little Furry!


Hello world!

Obligatory “Hello World” blog post goes here.


Hey there! Amber here. Blogging from Ontario, Canada. I’m a writer of sorts. I also do video things. I love rock climbing, cats, dogs, crafty things and cooking. Not necessarily in that order.

I used to blog a lot while I was a university student. I had a personal blog that talked about cooking on a budget. I used that to help me get started writing. Many classes required me to blog about academic articles, and projects.

When I struck out to find my career path (about 2 years ago now), I quit blogging cold turkey. I found lots of reasons not to blog. My interests have changed. I don’t want go back to the blogs I once wrote for. I’m tired of being on the computer at the end of my day… Yet, I still feel I need a creative writing outlet.

Guess what? I’m blogging again. The intention is to keep this a fun hobby. I’ll write when I feel inspired. I won’t feel obligated to post on any sort of schedule. I’m ok with holding onto something for a while before I share it. I won’t worry about getting photos with my DSLR – cell phone pics will suffice if that’s what I have available. I wish I could say I won’t look at stats — but I will. It’s nice to see what you’re interested in reading.

What will you find on this blog? You will find recipes, especially if I’m trying something new and adventurous. Lots and lots of cat pictures. Because I’m a crazy cat lady. Pictures and stories of camping, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors.

Happy reading!