Bacon Jam

I was trying to figure out how to begin this post. Half paying attention to each blogging and the Blue Jays game. (Yep, I wrote this a while ago) Then an Arby’s commercial summed it up for me: “Bacon is a present pigs give you when you’re good.”

Isn’t the “bacon-everything” trend over? Maybe. But really, bacon is awesome and I’m willing to give most recipes a try. Except maybe bacon-flavoured toothpaste.

But back to why you’re reading this post. Because I caught your eye with the title Bacon Jam. What do you do with bacon jam?

Homemade burger with bacon jam

Homemade burger with bacon jam

Use bacon jam to top:

  • Roasts (beef, pork, chicken, any roast!)
  • Sandwiches (especially hot sandwiches like grilled cheese or fried egg)
  • Burgers
  • Eggs/omelettes
  • Toast
  • Yorkshire pudding

I’m sure there are more delicious uses for bacon jam! These are just the things I’ve tried so far.

Convinced this is an awesome idea? Here’s how to make your very own batch of bacon jam!

Shout out to Chef Paul Harper who let me act as his sous chef for so many meals where we made bacon jam and lots of other yummy eats. This recipe is my best recollection/approximate of his bacon jam that our group of super amazing rock climber friends helped make for numerous occasions.

Bacon Jam


  • 1 lb of your favourite bacon (bacon ends are great for this recipe)
  • Onion or a bunch of shallots
  • Garlic
  • 4-5 ripe tomatoes
  • Worcestershire sauce
Bacon jam and fried egg sandwich

Bacon jam and fried egg sandwich


  1. Dice the bacon, onion, garlic, and tomatoes into very small pieces.
  2. Cook the onion until translucent – set aside.
  3. Cook the bacon until crispy.
  4. Add garlic. Stir.
  5. Add onions. Stir some more.
  6. Add tomatoes. Keep stirring.
  7. Add Worcestershire sauce.
  8. Cook until the mixtures makes a jam-like consistency. (Be patient! The tomatoes are very watery)

You’ll probably want to eat the jam right away — but you can store it in the fridge for later.